Information Technologies

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Information technology (ITs) are computers and telecommunications systems that enable us to exchange information, store and process data. This includes the software and equipment that enable us to communicate with each other via email, instant messaging or spreadsheets. We can also pursue hobbies like gardening or genealogy with special word processors or graphing software.

The technology allows people to quickly access and organize huge amounts of data, resulting in higher efficiency. It allows the analysis of huge amounts of data, and allows decisions to be made in a much quicker manner.

Nowadays, the business sector requires information technology in order to function. It can assist companies manage employee time and attendance as well as automate tasks that required manual effort or human intervention, streamlining processes and increase productivity. It can also allow companies to monitor inventory levels or offer real-time customer support.

Users often have to learn new information technologies quickly. Many IT careers are centered around the creation, maintenance and support of these systems. Information security analysts manage computer support specialists, cybersecurity provide technical assistance to users, and network administrators set up and maintain communications networks such as LANs and WANs.

To fully participate in society, people need to know the basics of information technology. An individual who is aware of the way information is presented on a personal website might be better informed about the potential risks and benefits of allowing public access to private data such as credit card transactions or family pictures, and will have an informed understanding of issues like the right to free expression and child pornography on the Internet.